Wellbore Stability

Geomechanical Considerations of Anisotropic Behavior of Shale Layers

Jul 16,20

One of the major reserves of hydrocarbon explorations is shale reservoirs with unconventional geomechanical characteristics. The vast energy capacity of the mentioned reservoirs has led them to become one of the major targets of investment by the oil industry. However, due to the unconventional behavior of these reservoirs including anisotropic elastoplastic characteristics of shale layers and low permeability of the medium, traditional drilling methods do not lead to an appropriate strategy of oil extraction. On the other hand, a rigorous drilling method for operation of an oil field requires a precise comprehension of the geomechanical behavior of shale layers. The substantial aspects of geomechanical characteristics of shale layers include elastoplastic properties of the layers and stress and pore pressure distribution along the wellbore...

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