New Course: Practical Applications of Intelligent Data Analytics in Oil and Gas Industry

This extensive 16-hour course provides a fast-paced comprehensive discussion on the fundamentals of intelligent data analyses to help students and professionals with developing a clear understanding of the concepts, definitions, methods, and the applications in the oil and gas industry. No prior knowledge of data science or coding experience is required as the course goes over the entire data science process with a practical combination of theory and application. The course covers basic data analytics concepts, common machine learning algorithms, and introduction to open-source programming tools and libraries.
By successful completion of the course, participants will have practical experience as well as firm understanding of how machine-learning models can be applied to the engineering problems and energy industry data. With regard to deliverables, participants will learn how to leverage free open-source tools to create projects using the knowledge and expertise gained through the course.
2 Weeks, Fridays and Saturdays
Session 1: First Friday
Session 2: First Saturday
Session 3: Second Friday
Session 4: Second Saturday
Session Time: 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm (Central Time, Chicago)
• Introduction to data science and data analytics
• Terminology and fundamental concepts
• Principles of data-driven modeling
• Statistical learning
• Machine learning models
• Model selection strategies and modeling steps
• Assessing model performance
• Feature selection and ranking
• Data-driven storytelling and decision-making workflow
• Modern intelligent data analytics in the Oil & Gas Industry
• Introduction to R
• Hands-on examples in RStudio
     – Introduction to basic functions and libraries
     – Design and develop a Machine Learning project in R
     – Create high-quality data visualizations
Synchronous (live online)
The online presentation platform will be notified to the students two weeks prior to the start date.
Course materials and recorded videos will be available for participants up to two months after the end date of the course.

2 Weeks, Fridays and Saturdays
December 10-18, 2021
16 Hours

General: $900
Students: $650
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Mohr Academy Certificate will be awarded to the participants upon successful completion of the course.
The certificate includes 16 PDH’s (Professional Development Hours) 

Open-source R

Course Developer & Instructor

Reservoir Engineer, Data Scientist
Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Dr. Shadi Salahshoor is currently engaged in developing advanced technologies and asset management strategies for unconventional formations at GTI. She is a reservoir engineer by background with extensive experience in reservoir evaluation, characterization and modeling including the application of machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to create field development plans and production optimization strategies in support of optimal reservoir management.
Shadi has a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering, minoring in data science and analytics from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to GTI, she worked as a reservoir/petroleum engineer with independent operating/consulting companies in the U.S. and overseas and spent several years working as a researcher at universities.
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